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Personal Injury Ippei and Abdul2

About Us

Ippéi Kanéhara & his partner Abdul are both expert online marketers that have extensive experience in generating leads for multiple industries, providing cutting edge online marketing strategies & implementation to clients across the US. They’ve decided to team up and double down on the personal injury niche and to completely dominate it. After spending considerable amount of time & resources in this niche, they’ve fine-tuned all the finer details so that they are consistently able to produce better personal injury leads than the competition. In lead generation the devil is in the details.

Both Ippéi & Abdul are driven, ambitious entrepreneurs that enjoy working with other ambitious, like-minded PI attorneys. They each have top-notch skills and are constantly looking to improve their game in lead generation. By coming together, they are able to take advantage of each other’s vast experiences & resources to give their clients a comprehensive personal injury marketing solutions.

SEO Services

We help clients dominate the organic rankings and get their law firms in the top 3 map pack.

Pay Per click

We utilize various PPC paid ads strategies that consistently produce better leads than the competition at a lower cost.

Lead generation

We use the most utilized traffic sources on the internet. (Google, Facebook, Youtube) With tried & tested keywords that convert the best and fine tuned landing pages that maximize conversions.

Game changer

We can handle a law firm’s entire online marketing needs which is a game changer especially if they have only relied on traditional forms of marketing before (TV, Billboards, Magazine, Newspaper, etc)

Some key advantages of working with us

Top Level Skills

We have the top level skills to dominate in all major advertising platforms including Adwords, SEO/Organic Rankings, Facebook, Youtube & More.

Immediate Results

We can provide leads as soon as you begin working with us, instead of waiting for months before seeing any return on investment


We can offer money back guarantee trial run with us, so that you can test for yourself if we’re who we say we are without having to enter a lengthy contract

Personal Care

The owners of this company still deal with clients directly so we are more personable and care greatly about helping out clients dominate the competition


This is not our first rodeo: meaning we are very experienced online marketers. Not only are we very experienced in generating leads for personal injury attorneys but we have extensive experiences generating leads in multitude of other industries before we decided to focus & specialize in one niche.

Why Personal Injury Lead Generation

Our Reason

If you’re looking for PI leads for attorneys, look no further. Personal Injury Leads Marketing is one of those lead generation companies that is able to produce predictable results with our 100% done for you lead generation system that we can implement in your business so that you can focus more on dealing with clients instead of worrying about where to get your next clients.

We have already satisfied many law firms that we are providing the best personal injury leads in the market on a daily basis by intelligently targeting specific buyer intent keywords and landing pages that we have gathered & fine-tuned through running millions of dollars in online advertising campaigns. In other words, you get to take advantage of what is already working really well for us and our PI clients. It truly is a turn-key solutions that can make a big difference to a law firm.

Importance of Targetted Lead Marketing

One of the most important marketing strategy for any law firm is to keep track of their qualified leads. Qualified leads allow you to go after those who are most likely to become clients, concentrating your efforts where you’re likely to get the best results.

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